Cedenna works on the creation of a Service Management System

Submitted by sandra.gomez on Fri, 12/10/2021 - 01:38

Cedenna's Technological Projects Development Group has created a service management system that allows regulating the protocols of the center for the reception and treatment of samples and, in this way, establish a more fluid and environmentally sustainable relationship with the companies that request the benefits that Cedenna offers. The system considers a standard form for the reception of samples, and includes indications on the amount of material required, to avoid over-stock. A detailed protocol is included for the excess material, eventually considering the cost of disposal and / or return of these samples.

Nanoscience Photos

Estrella de Vanadio
Autora: R. Abarca, Cedenna.
Impresión de nanovolcanes
Rebeldía de las magnetizaciones
Nanohilos de Cobalto
Campos magnéticos coloridos
Rebeldía de las magnetizaciones