Meeting with UANDES researchers

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A group of researchers and academics from the Universidad de Los Andes (UANDES) participated in a day of talks offered by CEDENNA researchers and then visited some of the laboratories of the center to learn about part of the developments that are carried out there. This activity was carried out within the framework of the collaboration agreement signed by both institutions to promote the exchange of experiences and knowledge, thus defining some joint initiatives.

At the opening, Dr. Dora Altbir -director of the center- stressed precisely the importance of the agreement reached to bring capabilities in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology closer to applications in the biomedical, engineering, environmental, nanosafety and nanomedicine areas.

For his part, Dr. Javier Enrione, Director of Research and Doctoral Studies at UANDES, indicated that this visit gives them the opportunity to discuss the possibilities of joint collaboration, taking into account the capacities that the two institutions have.

The talks offered to the visitors were the following: “The role of alpha-synuclein in the pathophysiology of Parkinson's Disease and the potential alternatives for Nanomedicine”, by Dr. Pedro Chaná; “Therapeutic strategies based on polymeric nanoparticles”, by Dr. Cristián Vilos; "Impact of Nanotechnology on construction materials" by Dr. Roberto Lavín and "Nanotechnology as a tool in the development of functional packaging" by Dr. Alejandra Torres.

Paulo Díaz, an academic from the Faculty of Medicine of the Universidad de Los Andes, with a doctorate from Usach in Food Science and Technology, valued this visit and described it as "super interesting" because it allowed us to detect "many points of connection between the lines of research that we are developing at the UANDES Biomedical Research and Innovation Center with lines of research that are being carried out here at CEDENNA. For this reason, we are convinced that many interesting things can come out of this joint effort”.

Prior to this visit, CEDENNA researchers had participated in a meeting at the Universidad de Los Andes, in which scientists from both institutions presented what is being developed at CEDENNA, at the Biomedical Research and Innovation Center (CiiB), in the IMPACT Center of Excellence and the UANDES Faculty of Engineering and Applied Sciences in the areas of Environment, Nanosafety and Nanomedicine.

It was also an instance where the experience of CEDENNA as a basal center that celebrates 13 years since its creation was shared. This experience was received with interest by researchers from the IMPACT basal center in its first year of execution.


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