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The Center for the Development of Nanoscience and Nanotechnology is one of the main research institutions in Chile, multidisciplinary and interuniversity, dedicated to the study, advancement and promotion of science in nanometric dimensions and its technological applications.

Its corporate offices are located in the Eduardo Morales Research Center Building of the University of Santiago de Chile, where some of its associated laboratories are also located.

Since its founding in 2009, the work of the Cedenna Center is oriented, both to theoretical knowledge and to the development of technologies and applications based on that knowledge, in materials and systems on a nanometric scale with the aim of offering solutions to the productive sector, as well as to the formation of human capital of excellence in the field of nanoscience and nanotechnology, prepared for the context of what has been called the fourth industrial revolution.

Composed of more than 70 doctors belonging to various universities in the country, gathered in research groups oriented to various topics, the Cedenna Center has capacities available in various laboratories dedicated to the elaboration and study of chemical, physical and / or biological properties of nanomaterials. It also has two areas that are transversely related to laboratories: the prototyping unit and the nanosecurity unit, the latter aimed at studying the safety of materials at the nanometric scale, for their handling, use and subsequent commercialization.

For more information on services and technologies in development oriented to the productive world, visit the site dedicated to Cedenna's business area: Nanonegocios.cl.

Nanoscience Photos

Autora: R. Abarca, Cedenna.
Campos magnéticos coloridos
Impresión de nanovolcanes
Estrella de Vanadio
Nanohilos de Cobalto
Rebeldía de las magnetizaciones
Rebeldía de las magnetizaciones