CEDENNA set up Nanotechnology fair with developments for companies in the construction sector 23/11/2022

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Bringing national scientific advances that use nanotechnology to provide solutions to the challenges of sectors such as construction, mining, agribusiness and food has been the main objective of the nanotechnology fair organized today by CEDENNA, the main center of nanoscience and nanotechnology in the country.

The scientific exhibition was visited by a group of businessmen linked to the construction industry, in an initiative coordinated by the National Agency for Research and Development, ANID, and the Chilean Chamber of Construction, CChC.

On this occasion, the director of CEDENNA, Dr. Dora Altbir Drullinsky, presented various innovations such as mining sensors that improve productivity and safeguard worker safety, the production of nanoparticles for the production of nanomaterials, the pathogen sensor that is capable of detecting them in record time, intelligent packaging with nanotechnology to extend its useful life while maintaining its quality.

The scientist, National Science Award 2019, stated: "we hope that the committed and excellent work that we carry out here captures the attention of the private sector, and motivates confidence that Chilean science is capable of solving problems that are of interest to different sectors of our country.

For his part, Dr. Roberto Lavín, CEDENNA researcher and Director of the Institute of Basic Sciences of the Diego Portales University, spoke about nanotechnological concrete and nano-asphalt, addressing their properties and benefits.

On the occasion, the Head of the Department of Initiatives oriented to Development and Innovation at ANID, Helen Ipinza Wolff, pointed out "here at CEDENNA we find large installed capacities, both in terms of human capital as well as equipment and infrastructure, to solve the challenges that the productive sectors of our country have. The invitation is to explore these capabilities in order to take advantage of nanotechnological solutions for our clients and for the national economy”.

Meanwhile, Mariela Muñoz, Project Coordinator of the Technological Development Corporation, CDT, of the Chilean Chamber of Construction, pointed out "we are clear that the way forward is productivity and improving the environment and the circular economy that this produces . Therefore, it is of vital importance to see and understand that through research and development it can be achieved. He highlighted the relevance of the synergy between the company, the union and academia in this regard.

CEDENNA was founded in 2009 and is one of the main multidisciplinary research centers in Chile. It is made up of more than 70 doctors belonging to various universities in the country and has capacities available in its more than 17 laboratories.


On the occasion, Dr. Altbir commented that CEDENNA created a new strategic science-industry platform, called OPEN LAB, which seeks to generate a node of associated companies to promote research and technological development for the delivery of innovative responses to challenges presented by each sector.

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