CODELCO values ​​joint work with CEDENNA to provide solutions to the mining sector

Submitted by carmenibarra on Mon, 01/23/2023 - 21:20
Felipe Lagno

Innovation and technology transfer are the keys to the sustainable development of the CODELCO company, which seeks to be more efficient and competitive, said Felipe Lagno, CODELCO's Innovation Manager, during his tour of the different CEDENNA laboratories together with Daniela Blanco, Director of Technological Contracts and Alliances of CODELCO.

On this occasion, the executive was able to find out, through the researchers themselves, some of the developments that are being carried out for the mining sector, such as sensors that allow real-time monitoring of the detachment of wear elements from mining extraction shovels (GETs ), and thus prevent pieces of metal from hindering the crushing work.

This visit marked another milestone in the rapprochement between both entities with a view to permanent collaborative work that allows contributing and providing solutions to the national mining sector. On this occasion, Felipe Lagno highlighted the importance of connecting both institutions: "In this way, the center's scientific and technological competences can be complemented with CODELCO's capacity to make better mining, a better industry, for all of us who are in Chile ”.

For her part, Dr. Dora Altbir, director of CEDENNA, stated "we are very happy at our center with the visit of CODELCO. We believe that this was an excellent opportunity to strengthen ties and seek greater collaboration from research to a State company as relevant as CODELCO is. We are convinced that we have the capacities in our country based on science, to contribute to the solution of a lot of problems in mining and other areas. And what better way than to be able to contribute with the help of CODELCO solve the country's technological problems".


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