CEDENNA researchers win ANID contest

Submitted by carmenibarra on Mon, 01/23/2023 - 21:26

These are two ANID projects. The first one is called, "Decontamination of water resources through the use of 3D structures reinforced with allotropes of carbon and nanoparticles: A theoretical-experimental collaboration." The members of the CEDENNA team are Dr. Samuel Baltazar (project director), Javier Rojas and Dr. Pamela Sepúlveda, all from USACH; Dr. Felipe Valencia (Universidad Mayor) and Dr. Alejandra García (CIMAV Institute, Mexico).

The second project, "International collaboration network on sustainable food packaging research in the context of environmental problems generated by plastic materials", was awarded by the food packaging group. The project is directed by Dr. Francisco Rodríguez and as co-director to Dr. Alejandra Torres and it is also made up of Dr. Julio Bruna, Dr. María J. Galotto and Dr. Abel Guarda, all also belonging to LABEN-CHILE of the USACH. We congratulate both groups for this result.

Nanoscience Photos

Estrella de Vanadio
Autora: R. Abarca, Cedenna.
Impresión de nanovolcanes
Rebeldía de las magnetizaciones
Nanohilos de Cobalto
Campos magnéticos coloridos
Rebeldía de las magnetizaciones