CEDENNA signs an important research agreement with the German company KIPU QUANTUM

Submitted by olabrin on Wed, 08/16/2023 - 15:24

The German company Kipu Quantum GmbH and the Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, CEDENNA, through the University of Santiago de Chile, signed a Research Agreement to develop digital, analog and digital-analog quantum computing solutions.

This agreement has a significant impact for the country, since it is the only one signed in Chile and Latin America by this German software company, focused on the development of specific quantum algorithms for applications and hardware that are marketed as business solutions.

Kipu Quantum technology allows solving industrial problems that until now had not had an answer, taking advantage of small and medium-sized quantum processors.

"We are very happy with this research agreement with Kipu Quantum, which since its inception has put its stamp on the creativity of its algorithms, being one of the most disruptive companies in the area. On the other hand, this agreement positions us as one of the few research groups at the Latin American level developing quantum technologies hand in hand with international companies, reaffirming the scientific leadership of CEDENNA and USACH", says researcher Francisco Albarrán, who is a member of the national scientific group that has promoted this initiative, made up of Drs. Juan Carlos Retamal, Guillermo Romero and Nancy Barraza.

For his part, Prof. Enrique Solano, co-founder and Chief Visionary Officer of Kipu Quantum, pointed out that this German company is "deeply proud of this collaboration with CEDENNA, through the USACH, since they are a leading institution in Latin America with a team of world experts in superconducting circuits, trapped ions, quantum simulation and quantum computing".

"The University of Santiago de Chile is our second academic partner after we signed an agreement with the University of Valencia earlier this year. Kipu Quantum is always generating the most influential trends in science and technology, as well as exchanging intellectual property and collaborations with the best teams worldwide,” Solano said.

The value of this agreement was also highlighted by Dr. Daniel Volz, co-founder and CEO at Kipu Quantum: "We are focused on developing our Kipu Quantum technologies in constant exchange with the most outstanding minds working in academic institutions and industrial poles. Our Our commitment to Latin American talent is reflected in this agreement and also in our recruitment strategy, with brilliant people from all over the planet".


Founded in 2021, Kipu Quantum's technology has the potential to solve industry-relevant problems. Its technology is currently being applied in the pharmaceutical, chemical, logistics, artificial intelligence and financial sectors.




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