CEDENNA Alumni Workshop: a day that provided key tools and advice to CEDENNA students and alumni

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An entertaining and fruitful day was the one that took place on the morning of Thursday, August 31 at CEDENNA with the 2023 Alumni Workshop, an opportunity in which students and alumni of postgraduate courses at the center received tools, advice and experiences that could be very useful to them. useful in their path as professionals dedicated to science and research.

After the welcome that was given by the alternate director of CEDENNA, Dr.María José Galotto; a group of researchers offered talks that addressed content aimed at guiding attendees in a practical way in various areas. "Survival skills for scientists", an exhibition based on the book by F.Rosei and T. Johnston and complemented by personal experiences, opened the panel with Dr. Rafael González. Then Dr. Francisco Muñoz delivered strategies and basic actions for the "survival" of scientists. After coffee, the morning continued with a presentation by Dr. Andrés Vargas, who delved into what recruiters value in a resume.

Dr. Francisco Rodríguez, meanwhile, focused on the challenges that the formulation of a project presents to companies, emphasizing those aspects that must be considered to advance successfully in the relationship with the productive sectors and collaborating entities. The last talk was given by Dr. Cristián Vilos who gave various keys that should be considered to enhance professional profiles and a successful job placement.

Javier Salazar, from the Nanomedicine Laboratory, commented that he found this workshop very interesting and useful because "it helped a lot to focus the uncertainties that one has regarding how to insert themselves as a doctor in the academic and/or work environment."

Javiera Vargas, alumna del Laboratorio de Nanomagnetismo, valoró esta iniciativa como una oportunidad para informarse y conocer las experiencias de los investigadores, ya que de esta manera los jóvenes científicos pueden abordar de mejor manera el camino futuro.

Meanwhile, Amanda Humeres, student of the Food Technology Magister, valued the CEDENNA Alumni Workshop as an instance that allowed students and alumni to gather tools, experiences and advice to apply them in their careers as researchers. "The story of each one of the researchers was super interesting, about how to orient themselves around the operation of the academy, how to apply, how to write a good curriculum... it was, in short, a very good experience," he stressed at the end of the day .


We invite you to see some moments of the workshop in the following video:



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