CEDENNA participated in the VII National Nanotechnology Congress

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congreso Pucón

The Center for Nanoscience and Nanotechnology, CEDENNA, sponsored and participated with a group of its researchers in the VII National Congress of Nanotechnology CNN7 that was held at the Gran Hotel Pucón - Enjoy in the city of Pucón, between November 12 and 15.

In this important scientific event, plenaries and talks were held by prominent national and foreign researchers, which covered different topics, as well as interesting poster sessions.

CEDENNA was represented by its executive director, Dr. Juan Escrig, along with researchers Marlen Gutiérrez, Walter Cañón, Javier Rojas, Daniela Alburquenque, Aline Alfaro and students Nicolás Plaza and Javiera Vargas.

The first to present was Aline Alfaro with the topic “Citotoxicity of Nanomaterials: Formation of the first Nanosafety Laboratory in Chile”. Meanwhile, Dr. Escrig addressed the “Innovative nanostructure synthesis for antimicrobial applications: Combining electrospinning, electrospraying and atomic layer deposition techniques.” Later, Dr. Walter Cañón-Mancisidor referred to “Hybrid Lanthanide Complexes for Nanomagnets” and Dr. Patricia Díaz to the “Fabrication and characterization of iron nanodiscs with vortex properties and their potential application in magnetic hyperthermia”.

The agenda continued with Javier Rojas, who addressed “Simulations in Graphene oxide: Benefits of molecular dynamics in nanotechnology” and Dr. Samuel Baltazar Rojas “Nanoscale Architecture: Design and Modeling of Bimetallic Nanoparticles for Advanced Applications”. Finally, Nicolás Plaza spoke about the “Mechanical behavior of a graphene oxide sheet under stress: a study of the degrees of oxidation and segregation.”

The executive director of CEDENNA, Dr. Juan Escrig, stressed the importance of these meetings: "Participating in CNN7 not only reinforces our position as one of the most relevant centers in the country in the field of nanoscience, but also encourages collaboration essential and the exchange of knowledge in the scientific community."

The periodic holding of this meeting represents a favorable space for presentation, discussion and collaboration between members of the community linked to nanotechnology. Among the topics discussed in this 2023 version are: Synthesis and Characterization of Nanostructured Materials; Nanoelectronics, Nanomagnetism and Nanooptics, Nanobiology, Nanomedicine and Nanopharmacology; Nanotechnology for energy conversion and storage; Applications of Nanotechnology for the environment and circular economy, Nanotechnology Applied to Industry, transfer and Regulatory Framework, among others.

The Scientific Committee of the Congress had the participation of two CEDENNA researchers, Drs. Sandra Fuentes (Universidad Católica del Norte) and Simón Oyarzún (University of Santiago).


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